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April 12, 2019
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Let our cosmetic laser acne scar treatment smooth away your superficial scars.

Having beautiful skin shouldn’t be difficult, and here at CareLife Style, we believe that everyone should have skin that is healthy and acneradiant. Of course, we also know that issues can arise that can take their toll on the appearance of your skin. If you are dealing with acne or if you have scars left over from severe acne, our Fairfax, VA, chief medical officer Dr. Syed Ashraf along with medical aestheticians Dr. Fatima Aziz and Glenda Thomas, DNP offer a simple laser acne scar treatment that can target and reduce these scars.

What is Laser Genesis?

Laser Genesis is a noninvasive, restorative treatment, designed to reduce redness, fine lines & wrinkles, minimize large pores and acne scars; all while improving the skin's texture and tone. This innovative therapy reaches deep into the Dermis layer of the skin, promoting a glowing, healthy appearance.

How does it work?

As the laser targets the skin, it heats up the outer surface and works by making changes to the skin, which counteracts the overactive sebaceous glands by producing new skin cells and restructuring collagen, which also keeps skin tight and supple. It’s also great for targeting enlarged pores anywhere on the face, including the nose, foreheads, and cheeks. It also has the ability to smooth away lines and wrinkles while improving the skin’s overall tone and texture.

What ages can it be used for?
Laser Genesis can be used for men and women in all age groups:

  • Teens-20’s for Acne treatment
  • 20’s-30’s to treat premature signs of aging, minimize large pores, and uneven texture
  • 40’s, 50’s, 60’s + to lift skin, tighten the skin and restore its natural glow

How long is the downtime?
This “laser facial” has zero down time! In fact, the procedure is so effortless and relaxing that you can have the treatment during lunchtime and return to the office within an hour!

Does it hurt?
Laser Genesis is one of the more relaxing treatments we offer at CareLife Style. You will feel a slightly warm sensation during this noninvasive treatment. Some patients consider this treatment soothing and therapeutic.

How many treatments do I need?
Like facials, most patients see results with one treatment, but will need 3-6 treatments to achieve optimal results.

What other acne scar treatment options do you offer?

We also offer the Excel V laser, which is best used for reducing the appearance of acne scars. This laser is also designed to reduce rosacea, acne scars, redness, veins and other discolorations. This treatment is customized to fit your needs and the procedure often only takes about 30 minutes.

If acne scars make you feel embarrassed about the way you look then it’s time to turn to CareLife Style in Fairfax, VA, to find out if any of these laser treatments are right for you. Call us today at (703) 854-1298 to learn more.

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February 27, 2019
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Discover the best approach for managing Sun Damage and Wrinkles

If you are dealing with sun damage then you are no stranger to scars, wrinkles, dark spots and sunburn on your skin. This is where our Fairfax, VA, team of chief medical officer Dr. Syed Ashraf along with Dr. Fatima Aziz and Glenda Thomas, DNP can help you manage your symptoms and offer the best laser treatments possible.

Sun Damage, Wrinkles, and Sunscreen

We’re all exposed to the sun and its ultraviolet rays although not to the same extent. A trucker who spends 10 hours on the road each day will certainly suffer more than someone who works in an office. You’ll even see the difference on the face of a driver as the side facing the window will show more damage than the other.

Forms of Sun Damage

Ultraviolet rays damage DNA particularly in the skin. By doing this the skin starts to lose its integrity, elasticity, and its ability to resist damage.

Wrinkles, age spots, dry skin, spider veins, loose skin, and a ruddy complexion are just some of the things you might notice on someone who’s exposed to the sun for a large amount of time.

We’re mainly talking about chronic skin exposure here, but if you were to be exposed to lots of sunlight on a vacation for instance you would end up with the famous sunburn. Sunburns are often mild only producing some redness and tenderness. If you’re not careful though, it could be more severe with the formation of fluid filled blisters.

Actinic keratosis is another much feared complication of prolonged sun exposure. Actinic keratosis is a skin lesion that appears in the form of a scale (or a couple of them). These scales are usually reddish or brown and won’t go away on their own. You’ll have to visit a dermatologist to treat them by chemical removal or freezing.

We worry about actinic keratosis because about 10% of them end up changing into cancer particularly squamous cell carcinoma.

The most prominent risk factor for the development of skin cancer is excessive exposure to sunlight and the ultraviolet rays that come with it. Basal cell carcinoma, squamous cell carcinoma, and malignant melanoma can all develop but basal cell carcinoma is the most common. People with light skin have fewer melanin which makes them more likely to develop these cancers as opposed to people with darker skin who are protected by melanin.


Wrinkles form because of damage to collagen in your dermis. Sunlight and smoking are the two causes that speed up the development of wrinkles the most. The dermis is the part of your skin beneath the epidermis and it contains collagen which plays a big role in maintaining the integrity of skin. Ultraviolet rays damage the collagen resulting in a loss of that integrity.

If you want to protect yourself from sun induced wrinkles, you shouldn’t spend too much time in the sun especially around noon. Wear protective clothing even if it’s something light just to keep the sun from affecting your arms and legs. As for areas that can’t be covered by clothing you should rely on sunscreen and we’ll talk more about that in a few.

There are several available treatments to treat wrinkles that already exist:

  • Fractional laser is a new and exciting method of treating wrinkles. The laser works by creating small invisible wounds in your skin. These wounds induce skin healing and the formation of new collagen. About 1-2 sessions will be needed at intervals of a few weeks.
  • Laser Genesis (Lunch Time Facial) is another laser method of treating wrinkles and boosting collagen. By gently heating the upper dermis, laser genesis stimulates collagen growth. Over the course of your treatments, laser genesis can help restore your skin’s youthful glow and an appearance by smoothing out uneven texture caused by aging, sun damage, scars, and wrinkles. 3-6 sessions will be needed for maximum results.
  • One of the most popular ones is the injection of botulinum toxin which paralyzes the muscles under the skin. One of the most popular places people inject botulinum is in the forehead where most people develop wrinkles as they age. This is of course done by a doctor and not self-administered. The effects last 6-9 months.
  • Injecting filler into wrinkles can flatten them out and elevate the skin. This also lasts 6-9 months depending on how much filler was injected and where.
  • Face lifting by plastic surgeons can be used in cases where the damage is somewhat extensive.

When you meet your doctors at Carelife Style, you’ll have a discussion on the best available treatment option for you.

Choosing Your Sunscreen

Sunscreen is your biggest ally when it comes to protection from sun damage. The American Cancer Society has a few recommendations to help you choose the best sunscreen.

First of all, look for products that are broad spectrum. There are two forms of UV (ultraviolet) light, UVA and UVB. The sun mostly emits UVB which are the main cause of sunburns and skin cancer. So any regular sunscreen will protect against UVB. Broad spectrum products will also protect against UVA. UVA might not be emitted by the sun in high amounts but it still has a role in skin cancer and skin aging. So look for broad-spectrum sunscreens for maximum protection.

SPF, sun protection factor, is another major determinant of a product’s quality and ability to resist sun damage. No sunscreen protects you completely but the higher the SPF, the more protection you get. Keep in mind though that once the numbers start to get high, the differences between them become fewer.

To simplify it, SPF 15 filters out around 93% of UVB rays and SPF 30 filters out about 97%. The difference between them is about 4%. On the other hand, SPF 50 and 100 filter out 98% and 99% of UVB rays respectively making the difference between them just 1%.

Try to purchase sunscreen that’s water resistant. This doesn’t mean it can’t be washed off, it just means that it can last for a specified period of time in the water before it loses its effect. Water resistance is useful if you’re going swimming or expect to sweat a lot. Products will specify how long the water resistant effect should last. It’s usually between 40 and 80 minutes. After that you’ll need to reapply.

 Protecting your skin from the sun and its UVB rays is important not just for appearance, but also in the prevention of skin cancer. If you have light skin then you should be extra cautious too. With all the changes in our climate and the ozone, the threat of harmful rays from the sun is higher than ever so we need to take extra precautions to protect ourselves.

Call Carelife Style Medical Aesthetics today at (703) 854-1298 to schedule an appointment with us.


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January 31, 2019
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Modern dermatology is all about laser and light based treatments. When it comes to laser and light system, there’s no better than xeo. With xeo, your dermatologist will be able to handle and take care of any cosmetic issue that’s bothering you whether it’s hyperpigmentation, wrinkles, excess hair, or apparent veins.

xeo uses Nd:YAG, laser genesis, and other technologies to deliver lasers to your skin in order to address any problems. It does this in a very limited number of procedures and with minimal discomfort. This means you’ll be able to proceed with your life naturally.

Xeo Procedures

Laser Genesis

The Laser Genesis procedure is a great one in order to even out and polish skin. It’s no wonder that it’s one of the most popular procedures for the treatment and removal of acne scars. You should see significant results after just one 20-30 minute session with Laser Genesis. You won’t need any sort of anesthesia either as the procedure is completely harmless. You’ll just need to cover your eyes with goggles.

Pearl Fractional

Pearl Fractional procedures require some anesthesia as opposed to Laser Genesis, but they have more applications. Apart from treating acne scars, Pearl Fractional works to eliminate large pores, wrinkles, and any skin irregularities too. The laser used by the technology stimulates damaged skin to heal itself by removing the top layer while leaving healthy skin unaffected.

By removing the top layer to clear imperfections and promote healthy healing of skin, Pearl Fractional leaves skin a little raw. So you can expect a 10-12 day downtime after the procedure. By the end of 30 days following the procedure you’ll start to notice significant improvement as your skin repairs itself properly.

Skin Revitalization Therapy

This actually uses a combination of technologies rather than a single one to yield greater results in a short period of time. xeo 2D Skin Revitalization Therapy combines Limelight and Laser Genesis technologies to remove scars, redness, and brown spots from skin.

xeo 3D Revitalization Therapy adds Titan to Limelight and Laser Genesis for the same purposes in addition to combating signs of aging such as wrinkles. Both procedures are associated with almost no downtime.


xeo comes with a variety of handpieces, each with a particular purpose and technology that gives it an edge for that purpose.


When it comes to hair removal, vascular lesions such as veins, pigmented lesions, and skin resurfacing, Nd:YAG is one of the best. By using a particular wavelength, Nd:YAG can be used for up to 15 different conditions and is great for all skin types. It’s also associated with no downtime.


LimeLight uses non-invasive light to adjust skin particularly when it comes to pigmentation. This handpiece is probably the most useful one to treat sun spots and pigmentation such as melasma. It’s also useful for vascular lesions such as small veins on the face or legs. Overall, as the name implies, LimeLight is the go to technology for all issues related to complexion.

ProWave LX

ProWave LX is to hair removal what LimeLight is to complexion. Whether you need hair removed from your back or a tiny region of your face, ProWave LX can get it done with ease and comfort. It’s time to give up constant shaving and worrying about hair in undesirable areas. Live with comfort after one or a couple of sessions of ProWave LX.


AcuTip can be used for very small areas of abnormal pigmentation. It’s based on cryotherapy but avoids the disadvantages of most other crytherapy modalities. People often fear cryotherapy because it’s associated with some scarring and rarely hypopigmentation. AcuTip is a safe form of cryo and is a precise tool to eliminate small spider veins on the face without worrying about side effects.


Titan’s effects are unparalleled when it comes to combating aging. As opposed to cryotherapy, infrared can be used to heat skin in order to improve its quality. Titan is a prime example of a premium infrared light source. By heating the deeper skin layers, the device will tighten skin and stimulate formation and growth of collages which is responsible for giving skin its strength.

The main use of Titan is as an anti-aging tool to combat wrinkles. It’s often used on the face, neck, beneath the chin, and on the abdomen. Not to mention that it can be combined with LimeLight and Laser Genesis in a 3D Skin Revitalization Procedure.

Pearl Er:YSGG

Not all skin lesions are deep, some can be restricted to the superficial layer of the skin called the epidermis. Pearl Er:YSGG is a decent option for these superficial skin imperfections which can include age spots and wrinkles.

Your dermatologist will decide whether your cosmetic complaints are superficial and can be treated using this technology or if they’ll need something with more penetrating power.

Pearl Fractional Er:YSGG

We’ve already talked about this before as one of the prominent technologies in a xeo platform’s arsenal. Pearl Fractional laser is one of the top options for acne scars along with Laser Genesis. Some of its other uses include treating enlarged pores, wrinkles, and skin irregularities in general.

As we mentioned earlier, you’ll face up to 12 days of downtime as the procedure will leave the skin raw. If you’ve had a recent session and haven’t seen any improvement, just give it some time. You might only start noticing skin healing after a couple of weeks.

It’s clear that xeo systems have all the technology needed to deal with dermatological problems. Your problem could be acne scars, wrinkling, or hyperpigmentation, xeo has what it takes to deal with it all. Consult your doctor and he or she will be able to tell you what would suit your condition best. Discuss treatment options and plan how many sessions it’ll take.

At the end you’ll certainly be satisfied with your skin and the results. The bright side is that most of these technologies have no down time so your life won’t be affected at all.

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January 21, 2019
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Improve your appearance with this simple cosmetic procedure.

Skin Resurfacing TreatmentWho says that the only way to reduce lines and wrinkles is through an invasive treatment like a facelift? With the help of a simple skin resurfacing treatment, you can improve the tone and texture of your skin while also smoothing away damage and the signs of aging. From our Fairfax, VA, office, chief medical officer Dr. Syed Ashraf along with medical aestheticians Dr. Fatima Aziz and Glenda Thomas, DNP, use this treatment to give patients a more youthful appearance—read below to learn more!

What can laser skin resurfacing do for me?
Here at CareLifeStyle Medical Aesthetics’ Fairfax office, we offer two incredible skin resurfacing laser treatments to target problem areas and improve the overall appearance of your skin. We offer both Laser Genesis and PICO Genesis, which offer amazing results with minimal to no downtime.

Laser skin resurfacing makes skin look younger and more vital by targeting and treating:

  • Age spots
  • Sunspots and sun damage
  • Discolorations and other pigmentations
  • Fine lines and wrinkles
  • Uneven tone and texture

The treatments work by restructuring and stimulating collagen production, an integral part of keeping firm, supple, and tight skin. Plus, it brightens your complexion, making skin look healthier and more radiant!

What should I expect from the laser skin resurfacing procedure?
One reason many of our patients turn to laser therapy is that it offers amazing results without the recovery time. We know that you lead a busy life, but that doesn’t mean that your skin shouldn’t still get the care it deserves. Laser skin resurfacing allows you to improve your appearance and boost your self-confidence without having to go through invasive procedures or take time off work.

Most people will require a few sessions in order to achieve the desired results, as treatment depends on the type of issues you want to treat and how severe they are. This is something we can discuss during your consultation, for some patients may only need one or two sessions to see results, while others may need as many as five. The sessions themselves last around 20 minutes, depending on the area we are treating.
How can I reach your office?
Getting younger-looking skin has never been easier. If you are interested in getting skin resurfacing in Fairfax, VA, then the next step is to call CareLifeStyle Medical Aesthetics at (703) 854-1298 to schedule a consultation today! Get started on your path to younger and better-looking skin.

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January 14, 2019
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Ance TreatmentAcne can be a stubborn problem that people of all ages deal with. While many people only associate embarrassing acne with adolescence, the fact remains that acne can adversely affect anyone. If you are having trouble getting your breakouts under control with acne-fighting cleansers and at-home care, it might be time to talk to our team here at CareLifeStyle Medical Aesthetics, chief medical officer Dr. Syed Ashraf along with medical aestheticians Dr. Fatima Aziz and Glenda Thomas, DNP. Read on to find out how we can help you!

Different Acne Treatments

Before deciding the best course of action, we will first need to examine your skin and determine the cause of your acne. This information will help us decide the most effective treatment option or options for you. In some cases, when nonprescription acne products aren’t helping, your physician at Carelife Style will simply prescribe a stronger medication. This can often reduce the frequency and severity of your acne breakouts as well as lessen the risk for scarring and long-term skin damage.

Common topical acne medications include:

  • Retinoids
  • Antibiotics
  • Salicylic acid or azelaic acid

For women dealing with hormonal-related acne, certain oral contraceptives can also be prescribed to reduce the severity of your acne breakouts. As with any medication, it can take a couple of months to see the results you are looking for, so it’s important to be patient when it comes to starting a new acne treatment. There are no overnight fixes, but our medical aestheticians will work with you to make sure that we find the right solution for treating your acne.

Laser Acne Treatment

Here at CareLifeStyle Medical Aesthetics, we also offer the laser Genesis system on the excel-v platform, which can reduce the appearance of lines, wrinkles, and other imperfections, as well as smooth away superficial acne scars and shrink enlarged pores. It works by killing acne-causing bacteria on and under the skin in order to eliminate acne scars on the face, neck, and chest.

Treatment requires multiple sessions spaced about a month apart. Patients dealing with more severe acne problems may require up to six treatment sessions, and each laser Genesis session takes about 30 minutes.

Another treatment option is the Pearl Fractional Laser with the XEO laser platform. It works to prevent acne by counteracting the overactive sebaceous glands, which can clog up skin pores when it produces an excess amount of oil. This treatment also works by stimulating your body's healing process and is used to treat acne scars.

If you want to find out what acne treatment options are available to you in Fairfax, VA, then call CareLifeStyle Medical Aesthetics at (703) 854-1298.

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