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By CareLifeStyle Medical Aesthetics
October 08, 2018
Category: Skin Treatment
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Find out how our powerful laser system could finally remove that embarrassing tattoo.

Are you regretting that tattoo you got many years ago? Whether it just doesn’t suit your personality anymore or its placement is affecting career options, there are many reasons why people consider saying goodbye to an old tattoo. Our Fairfax, VA, certified physicians, Dr. Fatima Aziz, Dr. Syed Ashraf, and Glenda Thomas, NP, understand that the tattoo you once thought you would have for life just doesn’t work for you anymore. This is why they are proud to offer Enlighten laser tattoo removal.

How Does Laser Tattoo Removal Work?

At our Fairfax office, our doctors uses Enlighten, the most advanced laser therapy known to safely and effectively remove tattoos. Most laser tattoo removal systems offer short, nanosecond laser pulses to break apart the ink that lies deep within the skin. Our Enlighten system uses short but powerful picosecond laser pulses, which means that it can remove the tattoo more effectively than traditional laser tattoo removal treatments.

How Many Sessions Will I Need?

Since the ink is deep within the skin, it’s not possible to be able to remove the tattoo with a single laser appointment. In order to effectively target and destroy the ink, we will need to perform multiple sessions. Additionally, the size and color of the tattoo will determine how many sessions you may need, which is something we will discuss during your consultation.

Will Enlighten Fully Remove My Tattoo?

Yes, in the majority of cases this powerful laser system is able to remove the tattoo. Of course, as you might already know, some ink colors are more challenging to remove than others. Once our physician sees the tattoo that you wish to remove, however, they can discuss with you what to expect from your laser tattoo removal results.

Does It Hurt?

A lot of people compare laser tattoo removal to having a rubber band snapped against the skin. Although people tolerate the mild discomfort well, you also may talk to us about getting a topical anesthesia to numb the area prior to treatment.

Interested? Contact Us Today!

Are you ready to part ways with your tattoo? If so, then the next step is to find out if Enlighten laser tattoo removal is the right treatment option for you. Call CareLifeStyle Medical Aesthetics in Fairfax, VA, at (703) 854-1298 to schedule your no-risk consultation.

By CareLifeStyle Medical Aesthetics
October 08, 2018
Category: Skin Treatment
Tags: truSculpt   Body Sculpting  

Let this cosmetic treatment give you the more contoured body you want.

Are you someone who has been dieting and exercising regularly, but still don’t see the results you were hoping for? Are there still bulges and pockets of fat despite all your best efforts? Our Fairfax physicians, Dr. Fatima Aziz, Dr. Syed Ashraf, and Glenda Thomas, NP, understand that this can be frustrating and that sometimes the body needs a little help to enhance and improve problem areas—this is where truSculpt comes in!

What is truSculpt?

This non-surgical cosmetic body sculpting treatment is a unique and safe way to treat unwanted fat anywhere on the body. A handheld device is placed and guided over the skin where radiofrequency waves safely penetrate under the skin to heat up and destroy fat cells. This results in fat reduction and skin tightening.

Who is a Good Candidate for truSculpt?

This is something our Fairfax, VA, physician will determine when you come in for your consultation. Of course, an ideal candidate for truSculpt treatment will be close to their target weight. You may be right for truSculpt if you want to get rid of unwanted fat in your:

  • Stomach
  • Thighs
  • Arms
  • Sides
  • Buttocks

How Long Does truSculpt Take?

One truSculpt session can take anywhere between 15 minutes to one hour, depending on what area or areas we are treating.

How Many Sessions Will I Need?

This is something a doctor will discuss with you during your consultation. Most of the time, one or two sessions are all that’s needed to get the results that you want and are usually performed anywhere from one to two months apart.

Does It Hurt?

One of the biggest benefits about getting truSculpt is that it’s a completely non-surgical and non-invasive way to improve the shape and appearance of your body without the downtime. While you will feel a warming sensation during your treatment, the temperature is well controlled by our certified physician so the treatment is painless—however, you may notice some mild redness or tenderness after treatment.

Interested? Call Today?

If you want to feel confident in your skin and think truSculpt can help, call CareLifeStyle Medical Aesthetics in Fairfax, VA, today! Our goal is to provide the treatment you need to help you both look and feel your best. Schedule a consultation with us today to learn more!

By CareLifeStyle Medical Aesthetics
September 28, 2018
Category: Skin Treatment
Tags: dark spots  

Dark spots have begun appearing on your face, back and arms. You've tried cosmetic cover-ups and skin care products which promise todark spots lighten them, but still, there they are. At CareLifeStyle Medical Aesthetics in Fairfax, VA, Dr. Fatima Aziz, Dr. Syed Ashraf, and Glenda Thomas, NP remove areas of hyperpigmentation with the advanced Excel V laser. Learn more about this quick, easy and effective way to clear those stubborn dark spots.

Where do dark spots come from?

Most areas of hyperpigmentation come from a combination of sun exposure, the aging process and heredity. Depending on their location, size and number, people feel embarrassed about them and do whatever they can to disguise them.

Now there's a great way to eliminate them for good. CareLifeStyle Medical Aesthetics uses state-of-the-art laser therapy to effectively kill hyperpigmented cells, allowing them to slough off with no lengthy downtime, long, painful treatments, bandaging or scarring. The Excel V Laser is FDA-approved, and in the hands our clinicians, it is safe and effective.

How laser removal works

After examining your skin and determining that laser therapy is right for you, you'll sit comfortably in a treatment chair. The doctor will target each spot with a focused beam of light. You may feel a sensation resembling a rubber band being snapped on your skin. The special Sapphire cooling system adds a large measure of comfort to the process.

After the treatment, you simply leave the office and resume your normal activities. The spots disappear over the ensuing few days. The doctor advises limited sun exposure and diligent application of sunscreen (SPF 30 or higher). To help prevent regrowth follow these tips:

  • No excessive tanning
  • Avoiding the sun during peak hours of 10 am and 4 pm
  • Applying sunscreen liberally and re-applying after swimming or sweating

Laser therapy also works for rosacea (a benign skin condition which causes areas of red, raised bumps on the face) and broken blood vessels. Patients of every skin color can take advantage of this marvelous service.

Don't wait

Dark spots don't go away by themselves. Enjoy the benefits of modern medical aesthetics. See if laser therapy is your best option. Call CareLifeStyle Medical Aesthetics in Fairfax, VA at (703) 854-1298 for a consultation.

Laser TreatmentWould you like to get rid of spider veins, age spots, or freckles, but don't have time for a lengthy recovery period? Two laser services offer convenience and excellent results. Dr. Syed Ashraf, Dr. Fatima Aziz, and Dr. Glenda Wilson Thomas of CareLife Style in Fairfax, VA, offer a range of cosmetic services that help their patients improve the appearance and the condition of their skin.

How does laser treatment work?

Laser light breaks apart pigments that cause freckles or dark spots and also eliminates abnormal blood vessels. Although the light is very effective in treating these issues, it doesn't harm the surrounding skin. Laser treatments aren't painful. In fact, most people report that they only feel a mild stinging sensation when the laser light is aimed at their skin.

What types of lasers are used to treat skin issues?

Your Fairfax skin doctor may recommend treatment with the PICO Genesis or Excel V Laser System. The PICO Genesis laser is a good choice if you have dark spots caused by sun damage, freckles, melasma, or want to even your skin tone or firm your skin.

The Excel V Laser System is used to treat sun spots, red and blue veins in your face and legs, rosacea, redness of the face and neck, freckles, hemangiomas, scars, purple lesions on the lips, scars, and spider veins. The system uses short and long wavelengths to target both shallow and deeper areas of your skin. Both the Excel V Laser System and PICO Genesis can be used on any skin type.

How long does laser treatment take?

Laser treatment with either system generally takes 30 minutes or less and doesn't require any downtime. Most people only require one to three treatments, although additional treatments may be needed in some cases.

Improve your skin with laser services. Call Dr. Ashraf, Dr. Aziz, and Dr. Thomas of CareLife Medical in Fairfax, VA, at (703) 854-1298 to schedule an appointment.

When individuals decide to undergo laser tattoo removal, effectiveness and efficiency are top concerns. In addition, patients hope to minimize pain, reduce costs, and maximize safety.

Until now, Q-Switch lasers were the standard of care for tattoo removal, and they’ve been unable to achieve a high rate of patient satisfaction.

Fortunately, the Enlighten laser can produce better results, with quicker treatment times, and fewer sessions.

Here’s why Enlighten is the best laser for tattoo removal.

What Is Enlighten Laser?

Enlighten uses extremely short and powerful picosecond pulses that deliver laser energy at a speed of one trillionth of a second to shatter tattoo pigment into tiny particles.

This device functions at a rate 1000 times faster than Q-Switch lasers, which operate with nanotechnology and deliver energy at a speed of one billionth of a second.

How Does Enlighten Work?

Lasers target unwanted tattoos by breaking apart ink, which is then absorbed to the tissue and removed from the body by the lymphatic system.

Because of its speed, Enlighten creates rapid thermal expansion that destroys pigment with greater precision and eliminates remnants more quickly.

This device also allows for treatment customization, as the provider selects from a 1064 nm or 532 nm wavelength, determines the appropriate spot size, sets the energy, and chooses from a pulse duration of 750 picoseconds or 2000 picoseconds.

Advantages of Enlighten Compared to Other Technology for Tattoo Removal

Enlighten’s unique technology allows it to significantly reduce treatment time, which lessens patient pain and discomfort.

Other lasers can require between eight-to-13 sessions. However, depending on the color, size, and location of the tattoo, Enlighten may be able to decrease the number of sessions by half.

Additionally, by delivering faster pulses with less heat, Enlighten is better able to target the tattoo and protect the surrounding tissue. As a result, it lowers a patient’s risk for scarring.

To learn more about Enlighten for safe, efficient, and effective tattoo removal, please call CareLife Style today and schedule a consultation.

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