Laser Tattoo Removal: Enlighten Laser Offers a Fresh Start To Regrettable Tattoos

Ever do something that you regretted? Most of us have, and, in fact, a whopping one in four Americans has gotten a tattoo–and quite a number of them regret it.

Now, for people who regret their tat, the option of laser tattoo removal has been around for a while. But this is a notoriously painful procedure.

But Cutera’s new Enlighten machine is meant to change the game–not only making the process less painful but actually removing the ink better.

How Does Enlighten Work?

Enlighten uses a dual-wavelength and dual pulse duration laser system. What’s that mean in English? Essentially, removing pigmentation is a matter of getting the right amount of energy for the job. Different colors respond to different levels of energy and pulse duration.

Dual-wavelength and dual pulse technology basically allow us more precision in how we apply energy. Imagine a tattoo less as a picture and more as a number of “color particles” of different sizes and at various depths in the skin.

The more precisely we can deliver energy where we want it, the more we can guarantee that we erase each individual particle. Multiple wavelengths allow for the machine to deal with all the different ink colors.

Enlighten’s laser is a feat of engineering, that generates laser energy faster than previous lasers. The rapid heating breaks that tattoo pigment into smaller and more manageable particles, and the collateral damage to the skin from the laser is minimized.

Why Go with Enlighten?

Simply put, Enlighten is less painful, more effective, and faster. Whereas Laser Tattoo Removal can take many treatment sessions, Enlighten can get rid of a tattoo within two treatment sessions–and you’ll heal from it faster when everything is said and done.

Want to know more about the best laser tattoo removal service in Fairfax, VA and learn more about how Enlighten works? Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

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