Improve Your Skin With Laser Services

Laser TreatmentWould you like to get rid of spider veins, age spots, or freckles, but don't have time for a lengthy recovery period? Two laser services offer convenience and excellent results. Dr. Syed Ashraf, Dr. Fatima Aziz, and Dr. Glenda Wilson Thomas of CareLife Style in Fairfax, VA, offer a range of cosmetic services that help their patients improve the appearance and the condition of their skin.

How does laser treatment work?

Laser light breaks apart pigments that cause freckles or dark spots and also eliminates abnormal blood vessels. Although the light is very effective in treating these issues, it doesn't harm the surrounding skin. Laser treatments aren't painful. In fact, most people report that they only feel a mild stinging sensation when the laser light is aimed at their skin.

What types of lasers are used to treat skin issues?

Your Fairfax skin doctor may recommend treatment with the PICO Genesis or Excel V Laser System. The PICO Genesis laser is a good choice if you have dark spots caused by sun damage, freckles, melasma, or want to even your skin tone or firm your skin.

The Excel V Laser System is used to treat sun spots, red and blue veins in your face and legs, rosacea, redness of the face and neck, freckles, hemangiomas, scars, purple lesions on the lips, scars, and spider veins. The system uses short and long wavelengths to target both shallow and deeper areas of your skin. Both the Excel V Laser System and PICO Genesis can be used on any skin type.

How long does laser treatment take?

Laser treatment with either system generally takes 30 minutes or less and doesn't require any downtime. Most people only require one to three treatments, although additional treatments may be needed in some cases.

Improve your skin with laser services. Call Dr. Ashraf, Dr. Aziz, and Dr. Thomas of CareLife Medical in Fairfax, VA, at (703) 854-1298 to schedule an appointment.


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