TruSculpt 3D FAQ


With summer on the horizon, individuals often begin to assess whether or not their bodies are beach-ready.

While many of these women and men maintain a healthy weight through diet and exercise, they are still unable to reduce certain areas of fat on their abdomen, flanks, hips, thighs, and arms.

Rather than becoming frustrated with these pockets of fat, patients can undergo a non-invasive treatment called truSculpt 3D that contours the body, eliminates fat, and tightens skin.

What Is truSculpt 3D?

truSculpt 3D is an FDA-approved device that uses radiofrequency to target fat bulges throughout the body. This treatment can contour the body, reduce the size of the treatment area, and improve the fit of clothes.

However, it is not an option for weight loss and will not affect deep visceral fat that can only be decreased through diet and exercise.

How Does Trusculpt 3D Work?

Depending on the part of the body, the procedure can be performed in 15–60 minutes.

Our medical professionals will place the truSculpt 3D handpiece on the patient, and it emits a pulse of radiofrequency that lasts four minutes. This process is repeated until the entire treatment area has been covered.

With each pulse, truSculpt 3D heats adipose tissue and causes thermal damage to subcutaneous fat. The destroyed cells are then eliminated from the body by the lymphatic system over the next three months.

Who Is an Ideal Candidate for Treatment?

Patients with stubborn fat that are within 15 pounds of their ideal weight and have a BMI less than 30 are typically considered ideal candidates. A consultation is performed prior to treatment to determine candidacy and expected results.

Contraindications for this procedure include: pregnancy and having a pacemaker, defibrillator, metal implants (including joint replacement), or tumor in the treatment area.

Does Trusculpt 3D Hurt?

Most patients find truSculpt 3D to be fairly comfortable and describe it as a warm sensation. The temperature can be adjusted during treatment depending on patient feedback.

The skin may be red, swollen, or slightly tender post-procedure, but all normal activities can be resumed immediately after.

When Can Results Be Seen?

truSculpt 3D results can be noted as early as four weeks and usually peak at three months. Most patients require one-to-two treatments per area.

To learn more about truSculpt 3D, please call our office today to schedule a consultation.

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