Carelife Medical

CareLife Medical is proud to announce that Dr. Fatima Aziz, MD has made the transition from Kaiser to the CareLife Medical team!

Dr. Aziz, MD brings with her years of medical expertise, coupled with a great reputation with all her patients. Dr. Aziz believes that the best healthcare delivery includes a strong connection with each of her patients in order to provide the finest possible patient focused care.

CareLife Medical was founded on the principles of Integrity, Respect, and Excellence in Medical Service. Dr. Syed Ashraf, has always taken great pride in being able to provide the highest level of medical care to his patients. Dr. Ashraf offers his medical expertise along with a stellar reputation backed by his current and former patients.

For our patients, this means that when you come to CareLife Medical, you will receive only the best healthcare and preventive services. Our approach to healthcare combines the best practices of traditional medicine with the latest advances in technology in order to provide the best possible care for you and your family. Our team has dedicated their lives to mastering the medical services that are offered, and stay up to date with any advancements in technology that could benefit or improve the quality of service that we offer.

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