Hair Removal In Fairfax, VA

Hair Removal In Fairfax, VA

How common is laser hair removal in the United States? Much more common than you'd think. In 2017 alone, the volume of procedures performed reached 2.5 million--that's nearly 1 in 100 Americans.

It's easy to see why the procedure is popular. After all, women go through so many shavings, waxings, and so forth in an effort to curb hair in time for bikini season, but a possibly permanent reduction in volume? Who doesn't want that?

Excel HR is a further improvement on hair removal procedures, utilizing a 755 nm Alexandrite laser with a 1064 nm Nd:YAG laser to create a gentler and more effective process.

100 Percent Preference Rate

100 percent of patients preferred the excel HR over its competition. Why? Comfort primarily. With the sapphire contact cooling system, patients' safety and comfort is ensured even as the laser works to target the hair follicles.

The dual wavelength laser allows for greater performance and efficiency as well, target hair with a wider breadth of darker and lighter colors.

Whereas, in the past, women with lighter skin and darker hair were the main candidates for laser hair removal, recent technological advancements have allowed both darker skinned women and lighter haired women to also get laser hair removal.

The dual wavelength laser only furthers this inclusivity, while also making the process more effective for any single patient.

Traditional laser hair removal can feel like a rubber band snapping on your skin, but the excel HR maintains your comfort throughout the system by monitoring and cooling your skin.

One treatment session takes about an hour, and multiple treatment sessions are needed to fully remove hair, but excel HR boasts the need for less treatment sessions than traditional laser hair removal options.

Patients might expect to have their hair removed within four-to-five treatment sessions.

Removing unwanted hair can be time-consuming and painful. For a safe and effective approach, try our Excel HR which offers the most advanced hair removal solution for all skin types!

Don’t let unwanted hair get in the way! Consult CareLife Style to see if Laser Hair Removal is the right option for you.

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