Skin Tags & Wart Removal In Fairfax, VA

Skin Tags & Wart Removal In Fairfax, VA

Are you bothered by small growths of skin around your eyes, neck, armpits, groin or under the breasts? Skin tags, generally found where the skin folds and creases, are caused by many factors including obesity and hormonal fluctuations. It’s time to get rid of these pesky problems and seek the help you deserve.

CareLife Style can help in the removal process by:

  • Tying them off with a suture
  • Freezing the skin tags
  • Cutting off with small amount of a local anesthetic

It can be difficult dealing with skin tags, so don’t let them control your life! Contact CareLife Style to set up an appointment to rid your body of these annoyances.

Individuals often become alarmed when they note a new growth or bump on their skin that wasn’t previously there.

While some of these lesions may be malignant or contagious, skin tags are completely harmless and more of a cosmetic concern.

Fortunately, dermatologists can easily treat skin tags with minimal pain and no downtime to improve a patient’s appearance and comfort.

What Are Skin Tags?

Comparing Skin Tags to Warts and Other GrowthsSkin tags are pieces of hanging skin that are usually attached to a stalk. They are often found on areas prone to friction including the underarms, neck, breasts, eyelids, and groin folds.

Diagnosis of a skin tag requires ruling out other skin conditions including moles, barnacles, and warts.

Compared to warts, which are contagious and caused by human papillomavirus (HPV), skin tags are not contagious. In addition, warts present as rough and bumpy skin lesions, whereas skin tags are typically smooth and flat in appearance.

While a physical examination of the skin is usually sufficient to identify a skin tag, a biopsy can be performed if additional information is required.

Causes of Skin Tags

Unlike warts, skin tags are not caused by a virus, nor are they the result of a bacterial infection or a sign of cancer. They most often occur when skin rubs against skin or clothing.

Patients can be genetically predisposed to skin tags, and hormonal changes that occur during pregnancy may also increase the likelihood of experiencing skin tags.

Additionally, obesity has been identified as a contributing factor, as excess weight can cause skin friction.

Skin Tag Removal

Most skin tags can remain untreated if they are painless and are not an aesthetic concern for the patient.  However, depending on their size and location, some skin tags can become irritated and result in bleeding, a red or black appearance, and discomfort.

In these cases, the skin tag can be removed by freezing with liquid nitrogen, burning with electrocautery, or excision with a blade. These treatments can effectively and safely provide physical and cosmetic relief for patients.

To learn more about the causes and treatments for skin tags, please call our office today to schedule a consultation.

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